International Students in the UK

We were amazed to discover this week that there are as many as 4.1 million international students worldwide. The number of students choosing to study outside of their home country is growing every year - so we decided to investigate further.

We wanted to see where those international students go - it turns out there are two countries way in the lead - the USA and the UK.

10% of all the international students in the world are in the UK. That means that if you’re at university in the UK, one in five of your friends and classmates will be an international student.

For post-graduate students the number is even higher - 46% of post-grads in the UK are international students!

This certainly fits with our experiences of being in Oxford - as one of the world’s leading universities, Oxford attracts students from right across the globe.

Our academic tutors - all post-graduate students at Oxford or Cambridge universities - come from as far afield as the USA, Bulgaria, Egypt, Italy and Germany. Read more about their profiles here and apply to be taught by them

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Zoe Tyndall