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This week we take a look at what Noor (OISS 2017) had to say about her experience:

The reason I do what I do today:

The Oxbridge International Summer School was the highlight of my summer last year, and to this day, I continue ranting about it and begging my friends to attend it. Not just because of the academic benefits it brings but also because of the friendships it opens up for you. I am currently at university pursuing a degree in psychology and I am very grateful that I have attended the Oxbridge Summer School, since taking a psychology course at a university level was the thing that made me sure that this is indeed what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I think this camp should become mandatory for all students before they leave to college! I made friends for life, unforgettable memories and I left with so much new knowledge that I still carry around with me today. This camp made me a better student, a better friend and most importantly, a better person. If you have a chance to attend this summer school, please, please, please do not let it go to waste!

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 OISS students pose outside Worcester College, Oxford!

OISS students pose outside Worcester College, Oxford!