An amazing summer school experience in Oxford

Today we are taking a look at what Sara (OISS 2017) had to say about her experience:


“Medicine, Shakespeare and a Magical Summer!

My experience in Oxford this year was probably the highlight of my summer. I studied molecular medicine and I wholeheartedly recommend the course to anybody interested in or passionate about not only medicine, but also biochemistry and even, like me, neuroscience. I absolutely love the city and the people - the staff and tutors were kind, helpful, and funny. I will not forget the zumba dance evenings and movie nights with popcorn in the common room. I most definitely recommend going to see a Shakespeare play while in Oxford - it was one of the absolute highlights of my trip. AND OH, THE BOOKSTORES! I left with nearly overweight baggage due to the many book purchases... I formed friendships with people I still talk to on a regular basis. I recommend this summer school for an unforgettable experience!”

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