Introducing our new Summer School Programme Director!

We are very excited to announce a new member of our team, Rachael Griffiths, our Programme Director.

“Summer schools provide an invaluable learning environment for students. The high quality of teaching delivered at Oxbridge International Summer School, within an inclusive and safe setting, will ensure students gain and develop university level academic skills and confidence that will benefit them throughout school and beyond. Having taught at the University of Oxford and the Oxbridge International Summer School, I enjoy encouraging my students to develop ideas, think for themselves, and reach beyond their expectations! The sky's the limit!”

As Programme Director, Rachael will oversee the delivery of our academic services, working with our Oxbridge post-graduate tutors to deliver world-class teaching. She will support our team of 30 tutors to design courses, observe tutorials and incorporate student feedback in to continual development of our programmes.

Rachael brings extensive academic experience to the role. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and History at SOAS University in London, she completed a Masters in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies at Oxford University, and is now completing a PhD in Oriental Studies also at Oxford University. She has taught high-calibre Masters students at Oxford, delivering tutorials in Tibetan History and Culture. She receives very positive feedback from both students and other faculty members, and has an excellent understanding of the important role tutors can play in shaping and nurturing students’ talent, interest, and knowledge.

Rachael has also tutored on our summer school for the past two years, so has an excellent understanding of the profile of our students and the summer school context.

In addition to her academic role, Rachael will also live on site and be responsible for the pastoral care, well-being and safety of our students. Rachael has significant experience of pastoral care, having worked for St Hilda’s College, Oxford for three years as their live-in Junior Dean. Here she is responsible for the welfare and discipline of undergraduate and graduate students, providing 24-hour-a-day support.

Between degrees, Rachael trained and worked as a ski instructor in Canada. She speaks 4 languages – English, French, Tibetan, and Welsh – and enjoys rock climbing, hiking, skiing and archery. She also runs Oxford based charity Branch Up, which delivers extra-curricular activities to disadvantaged children locally.  Rachael has extensive training in first aid, safeguarding and pastoral care of young people.