1-1 tutorials - a unique summer school experience

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In today’s blog we will be finding out more about the tutorial system, the distinctive style of one-to-one teaching for which the University of Oxford is famous. Undergraduates at the university will sometimes speak about having to finish an essay before their weekly ‘tute’, typically an hour-long session where the professor or ‘don’ will discuss the essay and perhaps challenge some of the student’s assertions!

Oxbridge International Summer School students have the opportunity to experience this style of teaching for themselves. They have seminars in the morning with their Oxbridge-educated tutors, and then the early part of the afternoon is given over to independent study before the next seminar the following day. Once every week, just as with Oxbridge undergraduates, Oxbridge International Summer School students will sit down to discuss their subject one-to-one with a real expert. We think that there is no better preparation for finding out whether a subject is right for you at university!

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