Never a dull moment


Our students attend the Oxbridge International Summer School for a broad variety of reasons and there is something here for everybody!

We asked our amazing Oxbridge International Summer School alumni from 2016 what their motivation was for joining us over summer, and got a wide range of different responses:

  • ‘Develop my social skills and learn how to operate efficiently in a big group of people’

  • ‘Spend time in a university setting and delve deeper into subjects I enjoy’

  • ‘Travel outside of the country while learning something new’

  • ‘Opportunity to learn about subjects that my school wouldn't otherwise offer’

  • ‘I was looking for a challenge this summer and also wanted to experience a different culture and learning experience’

  • ‘I'm excited about the trips and getting to know new people’

Whether you most want to make friends, push yourself academically, explore Oxford or learn something completely new, or all of the above, the Oxbridge International Summer School is for you.

If you can relate to these previous prospective students, make sure you apply now and don’t miss out on the chance to follow in their footsteps and experience Oxford this summer!