Bronte joins the summer school team!

Bronte has joined the team here at Oxbridge International Summer School in order to help plan and provide the best summer school yet! She has worked with the team since September 2017 and over the past few weeks has been been working closely with Oliver, our current Parent and Schools Liaison, to ensure she is ready to answer any questions you may have.

We thought it was best for Bronte to introduce herself:

‘Hi! I’m Bronte and I studied Law at the University of Cambridge. Though I studied in Cambridge, I grew up around Oxford and regularly return to visit my family there, including my brother who has just started his postgraduate study at the University of Oxford. Through my university experience, both undergraduate and postgraduate, I have come to appreciate the importance of balancing the need to feel safe and comfortable in your environment, whilst being challenged and pushed academically. I am here to answer any enquiries you may have about the Summer School; no question is too big nor too small!’

If you have any questions about the summer school please don’t hesitate to email or call +44 207 607 5370. Or, if you have decided you definitely want to be a part of the amazing experience we have to offer, apply now!