Debating Workshop in the Oxford Union

michael debating.jpg

Our summer school students have developing their debating skills and trying out their new public speaking skills in the Oxford Union. The debating chamber at the Oxford Union has hosted speakers such as Mother Theresa, the Dalia Lama, and many former US presidents such as Nixon and Clinton.

The debating workshop was run by Keir, a recent Law graduate from the University of Cambridge who has competed at a national level in debating competitions from a young age. We spent the afternoon identifying skills and techniques that help to persuade and add to having the edge in a debate. Then, after a break and some dinner, we debated!

There were three motions: ‘Marijuana should be legalised’, ‘We should remove controversial monuments’, and ‘Celebrities should stay out of politics’. Not only did the speakers impress with their nuanced arguments and speaking skills, but everyone in the audience for the debates were quick to challenge the statements of the teams with insightful questions and comments!

The judges were very impressed with the enthusiasm – and nobody could failed to be impressed by the grand setting!