Interview Workshop

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All of the students took part in an interview preparation workshop on Tuesday afternoon, run by Rachel who has interviewed for Oxford admissions previously. We talked through who the interviewers in this setting are, what skills the are looking for, and how to approach the interviews. 

We then went on to discuss the question 'If we only had diaries as historical sources, how much of history could we recreate?' as a group, with staff acting as interviewers and asking tricky follow up questions. We are amazed by the nuanced answers! Students discussed who was in a position through history to write and have access to education, money and time to allow them to, the definition of a diary and how far you could stretch this, and the subjective nature of personal accounts. 

We then split off into pairs and the students interviewed each other in their relevant subjects, with some prompt questions to start and the instruction to ask similar probing follow-up questions.