Where do our students come from?

The team at Oxbridge International Summer School is now fully rested and recovered from this year’s summer schools - and even missing the gloriously sunny weeks we enjoyed in Oxford this summer!

We’ve been busy analysing the summer - in particular looking at where our students came from. We’ve crunched the numbers and found that we had 20 different nationalities represented.

Half of our 2018 students came from the US or the UK - 29% American and 23% British. These were the two biggest groups, followed by China (7%), Russia (6%) and Mexico and France (both 5%).

The map below shows the whole list of nationalities - we were delighted to welcome such a diverse group of students - from Kazahkstan to Japan, Korea to Brazil, Mexico to Australia.

And it wasn’t just the students! Our tutors also come from across the world - from Germany, Taiwan, Kenya and America.

We believe this international mix is part of what makes our summer school so special - let us know if you’d like to be a part of it in 2019!

Summer School Student Nationalities 2018.jpg