Economics and Finance
Economics and Finance

Economics and Finance

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Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for 14-18-year-old students interested in pursuing a degree and/or career in Economics or Finance. Our students use this programme either to strengthen their application for an Economics or Finance degree and/or to see whether studying Economics or Finance suits them.

Students are not expected to have any prior Economics or Finance experience. However, there will be stretch work set for those who have studied the subject previously, or want a challenge.

What will you be studying?

What factors contribute to the economic success of a nation? Why is it that so many countries operate on a system of debt? Is economic inequality inevitable under capitalism?

The course aims to give students a good understanding of both the basic microeconomic concepts, such as behavioural economics and the allocation of resources and broader macroeconomic concepts, such as inflation and interest rates.

Students will look at the big picture of how nations structure their economic policy, as well as narrowing down on individual consumers themselves and how they operate within this system.

In order to do this students cover a broad range of topics within the field of economics, such as the concept of supply and demand model and how to apply this to a specific market. Students also study Game Theory and learn how to apply this to trade, focusing on the winners and losers from trade and the development and consequences of trade wars.

Students are encouraged to study with economic theory at the heart of their research, for example looking at the Phillips Curve, which explores the relationship between unemployment and inflation.

What will you leave with?

  •    Two essays/worksheets with marked feedback
  •    Tutor report
  •    An understanding of studying Economics and Finance at undergraduate level
  •    Presenting and public speaking abilities
  •    Independent research skills

Who will be teaching you?

Louise studied for her undergraduate degree at the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) in London, graduating with first-class honours before going on to complete her postgraduate study at the University of Oxford in Economics for Development.

She has experience of working for international NGOs. Louise recently completed an internship at Lloyds Banking Group in the Finance sector along with winning the HSBC Bursary Award for a work expressing her views on international development.

Louise has taught previously on the Oxbridge International Summer School.

What is included?

  •    15 hours of tuition
  •    18 hours supervised independent study
  •    2 one-to-one tutorials with a tutor, 2 marked essays
  •    Debating workshop in the Oxford Union
  •    A full academic report from your tutor
  •    10 hours of career talks
  •    Optional university preparation sessions

Further details

  • Course length: 2 or 4 weeks    
  • Class size: 6  
  • Location: Oxford, UK    
  • Dates available: 7th-20th July, 21st-3rd August, 4th-17th August  
  • Fees: £4,495 (2 weeks) £8,500 (4 weeks)