Two week academic summer school in the UK for students aged from 15 -18



We select 50 students to participate in our summer school. Our students come to us from across the world, but share a motivation to learn, academic curiosity, an international outlook and adventurous spirit. Their experiences in Oxford form lifelong friendships. 



Our small programme means you have the freedom to explore the city and university of Oxford. Visit Cambridge University, Blenheim Palace, debate at the Oxford Union, watch Shakespeare in college gardens, and help us tailor our programme to your interests. 



Benefit from the smallest class sizes of any summer school in Oxford and one-to-one tutorials. Our Oxbridge-education post-graduate tutors design courses based on their research, allowing you to explore your subject far beyond the school curriculum.

Attending the Oxbridge International Summer School is definitely the best choice I’ve ever made
— Cathy, 2017 Student

A call from our team

bronte graduation.jpg

Hi - I'm Bronte, and I'm the Students and Parents Liaison Officer on the Oxbridge International Summer School. If you've got any questions about our summer school programme, please pick a time and I'll be happy to call you. 

I graduated in Law from the University of Cambridge in 2017, and since then I've been completing a postgraduate degree at Kings College London. 

I speak to any students or parents who are interested in our summer school, and can advise you on anything from course choice to booking flights.