Meet our tutors

All of the tutors at the Oxbridge International Summer School have graduated from either Oxford or Cambridge University. 

They are experts in the subjects they teach, and the vast majority are in postgraduate study conducting their own cutting edge research. Our tutors design their own courses, introducing you to what it would be like to study the subject you're passionate about at university, and teaching you about their own research specialisms. 


Head of Tutors: Rachael Griffiths

Hi - I'm Rachael, and I'll be overseeing our excellent tutors on the summer school.

I've completed a Masters at Oxford University, and am now working towards a PhD here in Oriental Studies. I've taught on Masters degree programmes before, and have an excellent understanding of the important role tutors can play in shaping and nurturing students' talent, interest and knowledge.

I've tutored two years previously on the summer school, and will be using my experience to help our tutors deliver world-class teaching. 

Below is just a sample of our tutors past and present. If you'd like to know the profile of the academic who will be teaching you in particular please don't hesitate to be in touch with our team, and we'd be happy to advise. 


Engineering and Coding: Daniel Timms

Hi - I'm Daniel! After graduating in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 2011, I worked for 4 years as a Software Engineer at HP. Here I specialised in natural language processing.

I've tutored on the Oxbridge International Summer School for two years, and is returning this year to teach on our Engineering and Coding courses.

On my Engineering course, I'll be covering the whole breadth of university Engineering, from semiconductor physics to engine design, and from material selection to complexity. On the Coding course, I'll be looking at the programme Python, and helping students design their own website from scratch. As a bonus, my students will be learning a few tricks to improve their mathematical problem-solving skills.

Rupert da Silva.JPG

Physics: Rupert Da Silva

Hi - I'm Rupert! I completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford, before going on to study a PGCE (a teaching qualification), also at Oxford. 

On my course, students will use some of the historic advances in physics and related disciplines made here in Oxford as inspiration for a journey that both deepens their understanding of the physical world, and develops the skills and strategies to investigate it further.

A course focused on problem solving, students will be encouraged to use it as an opportunity to discover new aspects of physics, and think about the physical world around them in creative and interesting ways.

Politics and International Relations: Martin Lukas Gellerman

Hi - I'm Martin and I will be your politics tutor this summer. After receiving a B.A. and M.Phil. (Oxford) in Politics I am currently a PhD student at the same institution. 

I am an experienced tutor and have worked as a university lecturer teaching undergraduates and graduate students in political science and research methods. 

On my course, students will familiarize themselves with different forms of government (such as democracy) and their core principles. We will then go on and learn how states with different histories, societies and goals cooperate with each other by using the European Union as an example.

It will be a hands-on course enabling the students to think about political systems and interstate cooperation in a more critical way.


Law: Joshua Wabwire

Hi - I'm Joshua! I'm a DPhil student in Law at the University of Oxford. Before this I obtained a Batchelor of Civil Law (BCL) from Oxford, as well an an LLM in International Human Rights Law from the University of Exeter, where I was awarded with distinction and the Dean’s Commendation for excellent performance.

My research focuses on the place of case law in international criminal law, particularly in the context of international criminal tribunals.

In addition to my academic work, I'm involved in volunteer work. This includes mentoring High School and University students in Kenya through a charity organisation, Urafiki Education Scheme, and also working to promote legal awareness and access to justice in Nairobi’s Kawangware slum, through the Kawangware Law Centre.

I will be teaching on the summer school Law course, giving a general introduction to the major fields of Law, before focusing on areas of my own research.


Workshops: Rowena Fletcher-Wood

Hi - I'm Rowena! After receiving a First Class Honours degree in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, I went on to complete a PhD at the University of Birmingham “Zeolites and other molecular sieves for chromate remediation”. 

I have been tutoring in Chemistry for the past 10 years, and work as a Science Communicator, designing and delivering workshops to introduce students to core concepts in science. 

On the summer school I'll be running a series of workshops, looking at the 'science of storytelling' and the 'future debate'. 

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Biology: Alexander Hamilton

Hi - I'm Alexander! I'm a fourth year DPhil student in the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, University of Oxford.

My interest in biology stemmed from a curiosity in how molecular events result in changes at the organism level. My work has a broad range of foci, including how the cells that control metabolism are regulated and how we can predict how different people will respond to having a pancreas graft using their genetics, and looking at the genetics of autoimmune thyroid disease.

Due to the rising rates of obesity and consequently diabetes throughout the world, my research is of critical importance in developing novel and effective ways to combat metabolic dysfunction

In my course, I will be giving a general introduction to Biology, before focusing on endocrinology and how it goes wrong in diabetes

Biology: Alia Komsany

Hi - I’m Alia! I’m a DPhil student at the University of Oxford. Before this I obtained a Masters of Science in Cancer Biology at the University College London. 

My fascination with science and the complex biological interplay observed in the human body started early on in life. Having a multitude of experiences in both hospital and laboratory settings only confirmed this interest, and led me to pursue my studies in translational research i.e. the process by which discoveries in the lab can directly be used to develop new ways to treat patients.

My research focuses on the molecular pathways involved in tumour progression and development. I hope my research can inform treatment of patients, and improve clinical outcomes. 

I hope this summer to impart some of my knowledge and experience and encourage young people to consider a career in clinical research in the future. 


English Literature: Piers anthony henriques

Hi - I'm Piers! After completing a Masters in English Literature at the University of Cambridge, I moved directly on to a Cambridge PhD. 

In my research, I am interested in how romantic classical music appears in the literature of the early twentieth century. In particular, I focus on E. M. Forster's writings on music. 

In my course, students will be looking at 19th and 20th century literature, focusing on some core theories and intellectual contexts. I'm very much looking forward to some interactive tutorials, and really making the most of Oxford this summer. 

In my spare time, I volunteer for an organisation called Nacoa, which provides information, advice and support for children in families with addiction.


Engineering: Thomas Warrener

Hi - I'm Thomas! I read Mathematics at Lincoln College, Oxford, and graduated in 2013. Since then I have gone on to work as an Actuary in London - a person who complies and analyses statistics, and uses them to calculate insurance risks and premiums.

I have worked with the summer school for the past year, providing support to students who are applying to Oxford or Cambridge Universities. I have delivered 34 hours of one-to-one admissions support, helping students have what it takes to reach the top UK universities. 

I will be tutoring on the summer school's Engineering course, helping students understand, among other things, the Mathematical principles which underlie the subject.


Medicine: Mohd Karim

Hi - I'm Mohd! After graduating from the Holy Family Red Crescent Medicine College Hospital, I pursued my studies at Oxford University. Here I have completed a Masters in Global Health Science, and am currently completing a DPhil in Population Health. 

I have two years research experience working in Bangladesh, exploring the effects of antenatal nutrition on child mortality. My current research looks at the association between what are called 'inflammatory biomarkers' and the risk of heart disease. 

Teaching has always been one of my passions. Teaching to invigorate interest in medicine/population health is something I deeply look forward to. During the course, if I'm able to convince a single student to pursue life as a clinician/scientist or a clinician-scientist, I'd be happy.

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Medicine: Monica Shen 

Hi - I'm Monica! After completing a Masters in Applied Science and Biotechnology at Imperial College London, I began my DPhil in the Radcliffe Depatment for Medicine at Oxford University. 

I have a strong interest in immunology - the branch of medicine concerned with immunity from disease. Specifically, my research looks at the immune system during pregnancy, particularly prior to implantation in the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycle. 

I have always enjoyed tutoring and can't wait to share my understanding with of medicine with my students. Excited to be on board!