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Our Engineering course gives a fantastic introduction to the basic themes that underpin the built environment. From skyscrapers to the development of Formula One cars, you’ll get a chance to explore some of the key challenges facing engineers today. Whether you’re interested in civil, mechanical, electrical or aerospace engineering, you’ll gain a strong grounding in key engineering concepts.

What will I cover?

All our tutors are current Oxford and/or Cambridge PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Your tutors will take you beyond your school curriculum to investigate your subject at a much higher level - this is great preparation for university/college study! You may even have the opportunity to learn about your tutor’s original, unpublished research.

We know that when our tutors design their own courses, rather than reciting from a textbook, the quality of teaching and learning is much, much higher. We will publicise details of 2019 courses here as they are confirmed, so watch this space. 

In the meantime, here is a taster of what previous Oxbridge International Summer School tutors have covered in Engineering

Engineering Tutors at Oxbridge International Summer School

Mattia (2016)

Mattia is a mechanical engineer and a PhD at the University of Oxford in the Department of Engineering Science. His research focuses on understanding the effects of explosions, blasts and impacts on carbon fibre composite material. His course introduced students to basic engineering concepts particularly "chaos", also known as the "butterfly effect".

Francesco (2016)

Francesco is a PhD at the University of Oxford, also based in the Department for Engineering Science. He is a member of the Solid Mechanics Group and the Impact Engineering Lab. His research specialisms are in Aircraft Design, Structural Design and Acoustics. On his course he taught Newtonian Mechanics, Collisions and Impacts, Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics.

Hassan (2017)

Hassan is one of our most experienced tutors, and has worked closely with us to provide university application advice for our students as well as teaching on our summer schools. He is currently reading for a PhD in Engineering from the University of Oxford, and his course in 2017 focused on Aerospace Engineering.

Preparatory Reading

Thinking about studying Engineering at University? Our Tutors recommend the following reading: 

  • Engineering: A Very Short Introduction by David Blockley

  • Engineering: A Beginner's Guide by Natasha McCarthy

  • Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down by James Edward Gordon


  • 2 week course, in Oxford, UK

  • Ideal for those wishing to study Engineering or Physics at university, or looking to expand their interests in this area

  • Class size: 6

  • 90-minutes seminars daily, independent research to prepare for seminars

  • Produce 2 essays

  • 2 1-1 tutorials with your tutor


  • 7th July - 20th July

  • 21st July - 3rd August

  • 4th August - 17th August


£4,495 (convert to your local currency here)

Includes: all accommodation, breakfast and dinner, tuition, trips and activities

Excludes: lunch, travel to and from Oxford, Visa