Reasons to Apply

Study with experts

Learn beyond your school curriculum with the support of our expert tutors.

By enrolling on our summer school you'll get: 

  • 8 tutorials with your expert tutor, in classes of 6 or fewer students
  • 2 one-to-one sessions with an Oxbridge graduate, going through your work together 
  • 10 workshops and career talks - for example you'll learn 'how to be a dictator' and 'why the financial markets crashed in 2008'

You have 11 courses to choose from - and you can enrol on more than one. All of our tutors have graduated from Oxford University, and have then been trained to deliver world class teaching

 Meet amazing people

Make friends for life from across the globe in Oxford this summer.

On our summer school you'll meet: 

  • Motivated students from around the world, with 25 nationalities of students joining us each year
  • Inspirational tutors - all of whom are postgraduate researchers at Oxford University
  • Our network of 20+ Oxford graduate mentors, who you'll get to know personally
  • You'll enjoy meeting new people in Oxford on our full social programme, with 30+ trips and activities

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    Discover university life

    Get ahead in Oxford this summer and discover university life. 

    On our summer school you'll: 

  • Live and study as a student, from our central Oxford accommodation  
  • Enjoy the freedom and independence to explore the city of Oxford, and experience a formal dinner in an Oxford dining hall
  • Leave with personalised feedback reports from your tutor and our programme director, to help support you in your journey to university
  • Our small size means that we're able to offer you experience behind the scenes in real working labs, colleges, chapels and dining halls.

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