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Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for 14-18-year-old students interested in pursuing a degree or further study in Coding. Our students use this programme either to strengthen their application for a degree in Computer Science or Coding degree and/or to see if it suits them.  

It will be expected that students have some prior experience in coding. However, there will be flexibility around the course content, with basics for beginners, and stretch work set for those who have studied the subject previously, or want a challenge.

What will you be studying?

Students study a broad range of topics in coding and computer science, including looking at the ‘Python’ coding language, learning how to use it to develop their own software.

As well as this, students will study regular expressions and how to maximise their utility when programming with text.  

In addition, students study ‘Multivariate Linear Regression’ and the problems associated with attempting to predict multiple variables. They will look at the statistics behind algorithms used to solve these problems and attempt to find practice methods for solving the problem.  

As well as these practical coding skills, students will look at current developments in the software industry, such as artificial intelligence and web development, with a focus on how an agile framework and testing can be structured to maximise the quality of development.  

What will you leave with?

  •    Two worksheets with marked feedback
  •    Tutor report
  •    An understanding of the basics of Coding and Computer Science
  •    In-depth understanding of the software development industry
  •    An understanding of studying Coding at undergraduate level
  • Work will be completed both individually and in small groups, with presentations throughout the course to consolidate learning.

    Who will be teaching you?

    Daniel graduated with a first-class degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 2011.

    Following this, he worked for 4 years as a Software Engineer at HP, where he specialized in natural language processing.

    Dan has tutored on the Oxbridge International Summer School for three years, focusing both on engineering and coding. He has also provided one-to-one admission support to students aiming for Oxford and Cambridge for a number of years.

    What is included?

    •    15 hours of tuition
    •    18 hours supervised independent study
    •    2 one-to-one tutorials with a tutor, 2 marked essays
    •    Debating workshop in the Oxford Union
    •    A full academic report from your tutor
    •    10 hours of career talks
    •    Optional university preparation sessions

    Further details

    • Course length: 2 or 4 weeks    
    • Class size: 6  
    • Location: Oxford, UK    
    • Dates available: 7th-20th July, 21st-3rd August, 4th-17th August  
    • Fees: £4,495 (2 weeks) £8,500 (4 weeks)