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Summer School in the United Kingdom

Two and four week Oxford Summer Schools in the UK
for high school students aged from 15-18

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Why Choose Oxbridge International Summer School?

We offer the smallest class sizes, graduate tutors from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and have been highly rated by our students over the past decade

Preparing students for world leading universities


Looking back on this wonderful experience I'd say it provided me a solid insight into university life, as well as the subject of Engineering. I really recommend Oxbridge International Summer School for people who are looking forward to meeting people from all over the world, working hard and playing hard too!

Alex, Engineering

I am excited to inform you that I have been accepted to Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with the major of International Economics! I’m so thankful for my experiences at the summer school. One of my college essays was actually based on my experiences there.

Christina, Economics

The money we spent sending Liz to the summer school was a terrific investment and we were delighted with the outcome, thanks to the quality and integrity of the individuals who looked after her and inspired her enormously. Thank you for a unique and life changing opportunity. Liz will never forget it.

Yvone, Mother of Liz (English)

The summer school was a “life changer” for Brett…Had Brett NOT attended the Oxford International Summer School he would not be where he is today or have the vision for attending university in the UK, including the academic requirements. His exposure to teenagers from across the globe at Oxford had a profound influence on him and really opened his eyes to what was possible.

John, Father of Brett (Economics)