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Awarded Official Accreditation

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About the british accreditation council

The British Accreditation Council provides the leading mark of educational quality for the independent further and higher education sector, which is used by students, parents, agencies and beyond as a guarantee of standards.

To be accredited by the BAC, educational providers are rigorously inspected, including full audits and site visits, with the latest reports available on the BAC website.

Institutions that carry this endorsement and the BAC mark therefore represent some of the leading and most reliable private colleges and training providers in the UK.

accreditation awarded in both 2013, 2017 and 2019

Our most recent inspection was carried out in 2019 and the inspectors were highly positive about our summer school programme, highlighting the quality of our programme in a number of areas:

    • “Students stated that the reputation of the organisation amongst their peers encouraged them to enrol.”
    • “Students stated that they had to submit some work to the Provider prior to their enrollment. This ensures that the Provider enrols keen young people on the programme offered. Students confirmed that they realised they had enrolled on a programme with academic rigour and were expected to work hard whilst in attendance.”
    • “Assessment is formative and rigorous. Detailed feedback is provided on essays. All participants receive a lengthy end of course written review detailing an evaluation of the academic work they have undertaken and also their attitude to the educational and social experience they have received. Both parents and course participants have noted that they find the written review very valuable.”

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