Typical Day on the Summer School

Oxbridge International Summer School is not only academic studies – we want to make sure students combine their challenging academic work with a full social and cultural experience of student life in the UK.

Tutorials are combined with supervised study and extra-curricular trips and activities to keep each day busy and exciting.

See below for a typical day at Oxbridge International:


8am: Students come downstairs for breakfast in the shared dining room – fruit, toast, cereal, yoghurt, cheese, cold meats and pastries are served, as well as juice, tea and coffee. All students must register attendance by 8.30am.

9.30am: Tutorials begin. Teaching happens at our on-site lecture theatre and classrooms, or nearby in tutors’ labs or offices around the university.

11am: Tutorials end and students have time to explore the city and buy their lunch. Many students explore Oxford’s famous and historic Covered Market for to buy lunch and souvenirs.

1pm: Students must register by 1pm on site, and arrive in the lecture theatre for supervised study.  Individually or in their small class groups, students work on what their tutor has set them – reading for tomorrow’s class, or preparing a presentation on what they’ve learned, for example. Members of staff are on hand to answer any questions, drinks and fresh fruit are provided.

3pm: Activity Co-ordinators lead students on a guided tour of Oxford – this includes many of the city’s famous sites, visits to some of the university’s colleges and our staff’s favourite cafes and ice-cream shops.

5pm: We stop at Oxford’s historic Blackwell’s bookshop. Students explore the many floors of this enormous bookshop, some buying materials recommended by their tutors, and head back with a lot of new reading to cover.

6pm: Dinner is served in our dining hall. Freshly prepared on site by our catering team, this covers a range of dietary requirements and tastes.

7pm: Students walk two minutes round the corner to the University Parks and get into teams for a quiz in the evening sun – prizes to win!

8pm: We play some games (rounders and ultimate frisbee are always popular) whilst it is still light, before heading back to the accommodation.

9pm: Students have a chance to watch television, read, and play table tennis and cards in the shared common room and continue getting to know each other before the next busy day begins.

10:30pm: Students head to their rooms for bed!


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