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Could you be our Student Ambassador?

7th May 2019

This year we are looking for motivated students to be student ambassadors for Oxbridge International Summer School.

Summer school students in Lincoln College, Oxford University

Why do we need student ambassadors?

At Oxbridge International Summer School we are keen for our students to share their experiences with our applicants and offer holders. From choosing the right summer school and subject to reflecting on a great summer away from home, hearing from someone that’s done it before can be reassuring and inspiring.

That’s why we have started the Oxbridge International Summer School Student Ambassador Programme.

We are recruiting students from around the world across all disciplines to share their experience on the summer school and beyond.

This could be the perfect opportunity for you to represent us on global scale and encourage other like-minded students to apply for the summer school. 

What’s expected of our Student Ambassadors?


We ask all our Ambassadors to provide us with at least seven blog entries of approximate 1,000 words, which we post to our website and promote via email and social channels. Below is an example of the types of posts we will ask you to write:

  • How I chose a Summer School
  • Why I chose Oxbridge International Summer School
  • Preparing for Summer School
  • What my first day was like
  • Reflecting on my experience in Oxford this Summer
  • Back to school/starting university (three months on)
  • My course
  • We’d love to keep in touch so please feel free to send us regular updates as you progress through university and as you start your career.

Social video

During your time at the Summer School we’d like you to document your time on video and photo. Between classes, on excursions and during free time some quick updates to your camera phone will allow us to update social channels in real-time. You are of course free to post updates to your own social networks too.


Finally, we’d like you to write some testimonials once you’ve competed our programme. As these are independent sites you will be writing an honest appraisal of what you enjoyed and what you think we might improve.  

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Trust Pilot
  • A short quote for our website
International students studying in Oxford for the summer

What do I get in return?

You can add your valuable experience as a student ambassador to your CV/resume, highlighting the brilliant communication skills you have demonstrated.

In return for your commitment to the role you will receive a 5-15% discount on our fees plus a letter of recommendation/reference.

If you are interested in being a Student Ambassador for the Summer School, get in touch with us today.