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My First Few Days on the Summer School

2nd August 2019

Summer school student visits Oxford

My name is Yosr and I am currently a student on the summer school. I am a Goodwall Scholar from Tunisia visiting Oxford for the first time!

I want to share my experience at Oxbridge International to give an idea what to expect. My first blog focuses on the first few days of the summer school.

After a long trip from my country to Oxford, I finally arrived. Once I got off the train, I felt like a princess because of the architectural beauty and style of the city with its world-renowned university.

The first DAY

At first, I was anxious about being alone in a country that was unfamiliar to me, but I was quickly put at ease when I met the coordinators, who were welcoming and friendly. I was so excited to make new international friends but I was afraid to be very sociable. Luckily, our coordinators took us to a park to do some ice-breaking activities, and I have to say that it helped me build some hopefully long-lasting friendships.

After a great evening in the park, we went back to our accommodation to have a delicious dinner and sleep in our comfortable dorms in preparation for the adventures the next day.

Summer school students taking part in activities with students from around the world
Exploring the historic city of Oxford

first classes and lunch in oxford

In the morning, everyone woke up feeling so excited for our first day. We had breakfast and went off to our first classes. I was astonished by the patience and the knowledge of our tutors who made us more passionate about our subjects and gave us the motivation to study and do homework!

After class, we went to buy our lunch and discovered Oxford’s food scene. I was so happy to be able to sit on one table with so many different nationalities and talk about our cultures and traditions. Time passed fast and we returned to our accommodation place. 

study time, followed by fun!

Then, it was study time. All together, we went to one of the classrooms and started doing our homework, each one a different subject, covering law, history, psychology and so on. Despite this, the atmosphere was friendly and motivating.

After we completed our work, it was time for fun! Our coordinators took us on a tour of Oxford which made everyone realise that they want to study in this magnificent, historical place. We all promised ourselves to do our best and get accepted to one of Oxford’s prestigious colleges, and of course, we took a huge number of photos! 

In the evening, we went to the park and played games that made us forget our homesickness and everyone was laughing out loud.  

Visiting Oxford and Cambridge colleges

After having a lot of fun, we went back to our dorms, called our families and then went to sleep incredibly excited for the next day. It was a tiring first full day at the summer school, but the fun we had was worth it!

I'll be sharing more about my experience on the summer school, so watch this space!