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Economics & Management


Day 09.00 - 10.30 (BST) 14.00 - 15.30 (BST) 18.00 - 19.30 (BST)
Sunday 2 August 2020      Welcome
Monday 3 August 2020   Tutorial Applying to & Studying at Oxbridge Q&A 
Tuesday 4 August 2020 Tutorial   Sustainable Finance
Wednesday 5 August 2020   Tutorial
Thursday 6 August 2020   Tutorial
Friday 7 August 2020   Tutorial Being a social entrepreneur
Saturday 8 August 2020    
Sunday 9 August 2020    
Monday 10 August 2020   Tutorial  
Tuesday 11 August 2020   Tutorial  
Wednesday 12 August 2020   Tutorial
Thursday 13 August 2020   Tutorial
Friday 14 August 2020   Tutorial


Course Content: 

This reading list complements the seminars in the 2-week Summer School. Items marked with (*) indicate the minimum required preparation; additional links are provided if you’d like to dig deeper into a topic.




  • Introductions & Economics 101

A chance to get to know your fellow students, understand what to expect over the 2 weeks in terms of subject specific work and refresh basic economic principles/concepts.



  • Game Theory & Behavioural Economics

Introduction to core ideas and a chance to explore how game theory & behavioural economics can be applied to real life economic, social and business challenges. Microeconomics.

  • Video: Behavioural Economics: A Very Short Introduction | Michelle Baddeley (*)
  • Game Theory: Adam Hayes, 2019 (*)
  • Atlantic: Using Game Theory to Break the Climate Gridlock. Parts 1 and 2 (*)
  • Behavioural Insights Team: EAST Model (Executive Summary only *)



  • Long Run Growth

What impacts growth in the long run, away from the boom & bust cycle? Intro to simple Solow Model.  Is growth the cure to all ills? Or what can be a new way to look at this? Macroeconomics.


Learn about a business model that combines purpose with profit. What are the strengths & weaknesses? What are the specific political & managerial challenges? Business & Management.



  • Statistics & Forecasting

Get to know why economists rely on statistics, forecasting and econometrics – and what can go wrong! Look at the application of tools & approaches (namely Bayesian Inference). Econometrics.





  • Addressing Poverty in the UK

What is poverty and the poverty premium? How can we best measure poverty? Is it a problem in the UK? How can policy makers begin to address it? Politics & Philosophy.



  • Social Capital & Crime

Explore another type of capital beyond machines and education. Learn about why economists care about, and try to model, crime.  Microeconomics.



  • The Role of Banks & Investment

What is the purpose of banks? Why do bank runs happen, and can we expect one soon? What makes for good investments & what should banks now be investing in? Macroeconomics.



  • Feminist Economics

What is feminist economics? How do we measure the gender pay gap? What is the impact of involving women in economic decision making? What does all this mean for policy makers? Politics & Philosophy.



  • Learning Review

A chance for us to reflect as a group on the learning from the two weeks, discuss any outstanding questions and debates, and think about what next to help you continue expanding your economics knowledge.




During the Summer School you will hand in & have marked work for 2 of the 5 questions below[1]. Please select whichever you are most interested in. The additional reading is optional. You can also present findings from your own research provided you cite your sources.

Homework Deadlines:

  • 1pm, Wed 5th August – an essay plan (outline, draft bullet points). 1:1s held Fri 7th
  • 1pm, Tue 11th August – a full essay. 1:1s held Thu 13th & Fri 14th



For a (economic / social / political / business / personal) challenge of your choice

  • EITHER: Explain how game theory can be applied, to what extent it is a good representation of the real-world challenge and what policy implications it has.
  • OR: design an experiment testing the effectiveness of “nudges” to solve this issue. Discuss which cognitive biases these relate to, your hypothesis of how they would work and policy implications.



“To what extent is Fintech eroding the effectiveness and purpose of traditional banks?”


Business & Management

LatchAid wants to scale quickly. What business model, management & funding strategy would you advise?


Politics & Philosophy

‘We should introduce quotes for BAME economists to be in senior decision-making positions at all major economic institutions, like the Bank of England and the IMF.’


Statistics & Econometrics

‘It is ok for charities or advocacy groups to misuse statistics because it is hard to gather and analyse data ’


[1]Please discuss with me if  there is a different topic you’d like to focus on; we may be able to agree an alternative question.