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Mathematics Course


What is infinity? What is set theory? How do you turn logical arguments into formal proofs? 

If questions like these interest you, you may be suited to our Maths summer school course. 

Students on our Maths course not only learn new theories and methods, but apply their skills to real life scenarios and situations.

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Our Mathematics Course

What will you be studying?

  • Understanding the real nature of infinity, and how it can help us to do new Mathematics.
  • The Mathematical Analysis of sequences, series and functions, the application of integration to Physical or Statistical scenarios where infinite sums need to be calculated, and theory of Countability in Set Theory.
  • How can you compare infinite sets? How can you describe a sequence that tends to a limit when it doesn't have an "infinity-the element"? What meaningful things can you do with infinitesimal quantities?
  • Turning logical arguments into formal proofs - an introduction to the style of thinking often used at University.

What will you leave with?

  • Two worksheets with marked feedback
  • Tutor report
  • An understanding of the basics of Maths at a university level
  • In-depth understanding of careers open to Maths graduates
  • An understanding of studying Maths at undergraduate level

What's included?

  • 15 hours of tuition
  • 18 hours supervised independent study
  • 2 one-to-one tutorials with a tutor, 2 marked essays
  • Debating workshop in the Oxford Union
  • A full academic report from your tutor
  • 10 hours of career talks
  • Optional university preparation sessions

Who teaches our Mathematics course?

All of our summer school tutors are trained graduates from Oxford or Cambridge University

Tom (MA, Oxon)

Tom read Mathematics at Lincoln College, Oxford, and graduated in 2013. Since then he has gone on to work as an Actuary in London - a person who complies and analyses statistics, and uses them to calculate insurance risks and premiums.

He has worked with the summer school for the past year, providing support to students who are applying to Oxford or Cambridge Universities.

He has delivered many hours of one-to-one admissions support, helping students have what it takes to reach the top UK universities.

Tom (MA, Oxon)

What our students say

We are proud of the experience our students have with us every summer, and how much they value the opportunity to experience student life in Oxford.


2015  student

"I had an amazing time at Oxbridge! The course itself was very fun and informative, and I've learned a lot more than school could ever teach me. The tutors were very nice and the classes improved my thinking skills."

Ashley, former Oxford Summer School student

Yvone, mother of Liz

2017  parent

"The money we spent sending Liz to summer school was a terrific investment and we were delighted with the outcome, thanks to the quality and integrity of the individuals who looked after her and inspired her enormously"

Two students enjoying Oxford University Parks


2018 student

"These two weeks I spent at Oxbridge were some of the best I have had. I met so many wonderful people that I was able to spend many valuable moments with. The academics were very good and I feel it has prepared me for my upcoming school year. "

Melanie and friend studying at Oxford Summer School

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Applications are now open to join our 2020 summer school.

You can apply for a 2 week course in Maths, or a 4 week course in Meths and one other subject.

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